Jim Nielsen: Problem Solver.

Currently UI Engineer @ Timshel.

My expertise lies in understanding principles which transcend specific implementations or configurations, enabling me to execute on the myriad of tasks inherent to building professional-grade web applications – from information architecture to visual design to code.

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  • UI Engineer @ Timshel

    More info coming soon...

  • Designer & Front-end Developer @ Postlight

    Succeeded in consulting, designing, and building internal web applications (on tight deadlines) for one of Postlight’s biggest clients: Time Inc.

    • Project: Assignment Desk

      Part one in a series of internal web applications for Time Inc. Handled sketching, wireframeing, and mocking the UI/UX of the application while simultaneously engineering the view layer. Tools: Sketch, Sass, Javascript, React.js, Redux, Bootstrap, Git.

    • Project: Digital Content Production

      Designed and built based on the Assignment Desk application framework. Handled everything from UI/UX to product management to front-end development. Tools: Sketch, Invision, Sass, Javascript, React.js, Redux, Bootstrap, Git.

  • Lead Designer, Front-end Developer @ Kindling

    Led this startup’s design vision (product, brand and identity, marketing). Wrote code. Wore lots of hats. Built software people enjoyed using.

  • Web Designer @ Arc90

    Solved problems for clients with design and code. Updated and enhanced the agency’s website. Hacked cool (and useful) side projects.

    • Project: Knovel

      Worked on designing product landing pages and diving into application code – right before the client’s contract was cut short. Tools: Photoshop, Javascript, jQuery, Backbone.js.

    • Project: Arc90 Agency Site

      Created new artwork and assets for Arc’s exisiting website, then implemented them in code. Tools: Photoshop, Wordpress, PHP, CSS.

  • Marketing & Multimedia Designer @ Dixie State University

    Raised design bar 110% on every public-facing widget I could get my cursor on: web design and development, graphic design, page layout, marketing campaigns, social media promotion, annual reports, brand identity, and more.

  • Multimedia Development Intern @ SkyWest Airlines

    Interface design, logo creation, web maintenance, layout design, product photography, and more.

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