Jim Nielsen: Problem Solver.

Currently: Director of Design & UI Architecture @ ICG.

My expertise is understanding principles that transcend specific implementations which enables me to execute on the myriad of tasks inherent to building professional web applications – from information architecture to visual design to code.

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  • 404 page

    404 page

    Working on ideas for a 404 page for iosicongallery.com

  • Invitations


    Been playing with some simple black and white invitations.

  • About page

    About page

    Playing around with some design possibilities for an “about” page.

  • Login screens

    Login screens

    Working through ideas around brand hierarchies and configurable content for a unified, multi-application approach to login screens.

  • Modal zero state

    Modal zero state

    Working through ideas for a new feature which provides two pathways for accomplishing a related task. Trying to provide education for each action.

  • Logo grid

    Logo grid

    Working on bringing cohesion and unity to family of branded glyphs.

  • Google Sheets -> JSON

    Google Sheets -> JSON

    Playing around with visualizing data from a Google excel sheet pulled as JSON.

  • Search auto suggest design

    Search auto suggest design

    Redesigned the existing search autosuggest. Previously, results were merely concatenated into a big string of results. Now the results have a structured IA with helpful UI labels. Wrote a post about the process on my blog.

  • SassMe v2.0

    SassMe v2.0

    Designed, built, and launched version 2.0 of SassMe: a tool to dynamically visualize the results of Sass color functions. Read more about it in my blog post.

  • Step Wizard

    Step Wizard

    Building the front-end for this stepper/wizard UI I designed around sending event messages.

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