Jim Nielsen:
Web Designer, Problem Solver.

Design Lead at Kindling, New York City.

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  • API-Driven Web App Tutorial

    API-Driven Web App Tutorial

    Final installment of my tutorial on designing and building a mini API-driven web app was published today.

  • Burning through ideas for a new web app view

    Burning through ideas for a new web app view

    One in a set of many iterations towards a new Category view

  • Tour Flow

    Tour Flow

    Work for Kindling's tour pages, which was eventually collapsed into a single page tour.

  • Footer


    Working through footer ideas for our NYC-based company

  • Wireframin'


    Wireframing in sketch. Trying to resolve patterns across index and single post pages...

  • New gallery site!

    New gallery site!

    With the launch of the new Apple Watch Icon Gallery (to compliment the existing iOS and Mac icon galleries) I brought the identities together in a more modular, yet cohesive manner.

  • Skinning some stuff

    Skinning some stuff

    Working on skinning an old project that's being resurrected

  • We <3 Startups

    We <3 Startups

    Doing some sketches around how we love startups at Kindling.

  • Blog post imagery

    Blog post imagery

    Trying to draw supporting imagery for blog posts. [Insert 'I have no idea what I'm doing' dog here]. I could definitely use some practice in this 'illustrating' thing.

  • Slide deck two

    Slide deck two

    Continued exploration mixing hand drawings, digital typography, and photography for a slide deck...


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