Jim Nielsen:
Web Designer, Problem Solver.

Design Lead at Kindling, New York City.

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  • Skinning some stuff

    Skinning some stuff

    Working on skinning an old project that's being resurrected

  • We <3 Startups

    We <3 Startups

    Doing some sketches around how we love startups at Kindling.

  • Blog post imagery

    Blog post imagery

    Trying to draw supporting imagery for blog posts. [Insert 'I have no idea what I'm doing' dog here]. I could definitely use some practice in this 'illustrating' thing.

  • Slide deck two

    Slide deck two

    Continued exploration mixing hand drawings, digital typography, and photography for a slide deck...

  • Slide deck

    Slide deck

    Prototyping a mixture of hand-drawn visuals, photographs, and digital typography for a possible slide deck...

  • Category Dropdown

    Category Dropdown

    Trying to figure out how to represent category/subcategory relationships in a fast-switching dropdown menu while simultaneously representing the active state.

  • Wireframing


    Designing right now, but not visually. Designing information architecture, narrative flow, sales process, and more. Basically everything but visual design.

  • Team Colors

    Team Colors

    Launched v2.0 of the Team Colors HEX and RGB color reference site yesterday. Now with search! Read about the design/code on my blog.

  • Stay Tuned Module

    Stay Tuned Module

    Thinking about the design of a 'stay tuned for more' module. Part of a larger page design which will encompass video conversations.

  • Signup Receipt

    Signup Receipt

    Working on the HTML and CSS for successful transaction receipt.


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