Jim Nielsen:
Web Designer, Problem Solver.

Design Lead at Kindling, New York City.

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  • Rubber stamp

    Rubber stamp

    Looking into design options for rubber stamps on company materials...

  • Pricing page

    Pricing page

    Rolled out the new pricing page for Kindling.

  • Logo Integrity in Focus

    Logo Integrity in Focus

    Can you recognize iconic logos which are out of focus? This is an experiment looking at the integrity of famous logos. Check out the experiment or read the blog post.

  • Trifold Pocket Guide

    Trifold Pocket Guide

    Print proof for a 4x12 inch trifold pocket guide intended for Kindling users.

  • Animated cursor

    Animated cursor

    Playing around with some CSS animations for drawing the eye down into the footer.

  • Filetype Icons

    Filetype Icons

    Working on some positive/negative filetype icons. View the in-progress larger collection.

  • 1 Pixel

    1 Pixel

    At the smallest size, I'm weighing the 1 pixel difference between these two ...

  • Step Process UI

    Step Process UI

    Mocking some potential UI for batch actions on multiple items within a system.

  • Landing Page Tweaks

    Landing Page Tweaks

    Kindling Loves Startups landing page

  • Brand & Identity Layout

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