Jim Nielsen:
Web Designer, Problem Solver.

Design Lead at Kindling, New York City.

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  • Logo Integrity in Focus

    Logo Integrity in Focus

    Can you recognize iconic logos which are out of focus? An experiment I worked on looking at the integrity of famous logos. See the experiment: http://jim-nielsen.com/logo-integrity/ Read the blog post: http://jim-nielsen.com/blog/posts/logo-integrity/

  • Trifold Pocket Guide

    Trifold Pocket Guide

    Print proof for a 4x12 inch trifold pocket guide intended for Kindling users.

  • Animated cursor

    Animated cursor

    Playing around with some CSS animations for drawing the eye down into the footer.

  • Filetype Icons

    Filetype Icons

    Working on some positive/negative filetype icons. See the in-progress larger collection at http://cl.ly/image/1O2d1j3l3I3C

  • 1 Pixel

    1 Pixel

    At the smallest size, I'm weighing the 1 pixel difference between these two ...

  • Step Process UI

    Step Process UI

    Mocking some potential UI for batch actions on multiple items within a system.

  • Landing Page Tweaks

    Landing Page Tweaks

    Kindling Loves Startups landing page

  • Brand & Identity Layout
  • iOS Icon Masks

    iOS Icon Masks

    Creating some new masks for the icons at http://iosicongallery.comnnItu2019s kind of sad to lose the old drop shadows and skeumorphic elements ... nostalgia I guess.

  • Newsletter graphic

    Newsletter graphic

    Working on a flip clock style design for newsletter.

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